Healthy Snacks to Keep in Your Desk Drawer

snacks for the office health

Staying healthy in the office during the work week, whether as an employee or an entrepreneur,  takes a solid strategy. Those boring meetings filled with boxes of sugary doughnuts is a nightmare for those of us who are trying to live healthy.  While your coworkers gorge on junk food you can make better food choices and snack healthy at work. You can even save money by buying in bulk at Quill office supplies with promo codes and coupons too! So you will be skinny and rich and they will be wider and poorer!

You need healthy snacks at work, which is readily available, to fuel your creativity and intense focus to maintain maximum productivity.

Often you will be so involved in stimulating work projects that you will be unable to go to a restaurant or café. So you will want to have delicious good for you snacks on hand.

Doctors advise their patients to avoid getting too hungry during the mid afternoon to prevent low blood sugar and its accompanying afternoon slump.

Check out these healthy and tasty options, none that require refrigeration, so you will not even have to go to the break room they’ll be ready in your office snack drawer.


These tiny protein-packed packages of yumminess are easy to store and great to eat. My favorites are sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.


Single-serving packets of oatmeal can be made in a coffee mug in your office microwave. Avoid the sugar laden flavors instead opt for the unflavored versions and add your own dried fruits or nuts to taste.


The balanced combination of fat and protein in knots such as raw almonds or cashews will give you sustained all-afternoon energy.

Dried fruit

Satisfy your sweet tooth and get an extra boost of fiber to fill you up throughout the afternoon. Dried fruit is excellent paired with nuts for a balanced snack. Moderate your portions to avoid excess calories.  Some of the satisfying types of dried fruits are apricots or dates.

Nut butters

Peanut butter and almond butter are great weapons for snack attacks at any time. Spread them on fruit such as apples are bananas or healthy crackers, or just grab a spoon any from the jar!

Healthy crackers

While some are unhealthy, overloaded with trans fats and sugars, many delicious varieties support your healthy lifestyle. They are ideal for spreading nut butter, hummus or cheese.  Choose crackers with less than 3 g of fiber and fewer than 150 calories each.

Meat jerky

Jerky has become very popular, and there are many gourmet healthy versions available in your local supermarket. Be careful to purchase ones that are low in sodium and other chemicals and preservatives.


Forget the greasy microwave versions, instead make air-popped popcorn in a microwave-safe bowl in under two minutes. Jazz it up with low-calorie flavors such as cinnamon, cumin, Rosemary and red pepper. No microwave? No problem, make a batch at home and bring it into the office.


This cereal makes a great snack at any time. Read the label and by the low sugar, high fiber versions with extra protein for maximum good health.


Personal size to the packets do not require refrigeration and can quickly become your lunch or snack when paired with those healthy crackers discussed above.

Whole food bars

Granola bars are finding an easy meal at any time. However, you need to shop for them carefully and read the label completely. We recommend Kind Bars, RX Bars, and Larabars as amongst your healthiest choices.