Build Your Body – Build Your Career

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Your healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on your career. You feel great, have loads of energy and enthusiasm for your work-related projects.
All jobs require a certain minimum level of health. However, some require greater physical strength and others more considerable mental and emotional skills. Not everybody is living healthy.

Also, some jobs can be so stressful, especially start-up entrepreneurs, that when combined with other family responsibilities people’s health fails. This type of downward spiral can negatively affect your career and life. When you are active and healthy, you can do any job.

Jack Parley, Corporate Wellness Director at explains how your healthy lifestyle helps build your career.

Exercise performance

So your gym performance directly affects your job performance. When a person is a couch potato and does not exercise enough, nor properly he does not have enough stamina to get through the day and feels tired and lethargic. Certainly, he’s not able to troubleshoot business issues nor brainstorm creative solutions.

To be your most productive and efficient in the workplace, especially you must take care of your health. Taking time to get in some regular exercise, or play your favorite sport, is an investment in your financial future. Your body is happy to have been worked out and will reward you with lots of positive energy for your work day.

Lower illness rate

It has been proved scientifically that people with sedentary lifestyles who eat junk food develop more diseases and become ill more often. This translates into six days missed at work, which thwart this persons career advancement. They are many cases where brilliant executives have had to step aside because of poor health and lose their career momentum.

Healthy is positive

Every job can be stressful. We can all get burnt out and frustrated with our customers, coworkers and the business environment.
Daily stress is something nobody can avoid. However, healthy individuals are better able to handle both the complex business world emotions and the stress associated. Exercise has been proven to increase positive hormones such as endorphins which lower your physical and mental stress.

Exercise has been proven to increase positive hormones such as endorphins which lower your physical and mental stress.
Negative people are often overstressed individuals. Active happy people are those whose stress levels have been lowered through healthy activities such as daily exercise.

Confidence is a positive mood booster. When you are living an active lifestyle and feel good about your body and yourself, you radiate positive vibes. This positive mindset helps you to deal with people and situations in a kind and helpful manner.

Your health effects work, and your work affects your health

Researchers have documented how the health of workers directly bears upon their level of productivity. How is your work environment affecting your health?

Corporate wellness managers understand that employees who use caffeine to get through the day and work over time are not their best choice for promotions.

Human resource experts report that corporate cultures that negatively affect workers backfire by costing corporations with increased expenses and health insurance and temporary workers.

A Health Enhancement Research Organization report documents that employees that are smoking cigarettes have too much stress do too little exercise, and high body weight costs companies up to 20% of the total overall medical costs annually.

Employees with these health risk factors cost their employer companies $750 or more each year than similar workers without these bad health habits.

A recent study proved that the total cost to corporations of smoking employees for; sick days were taken, time lost to smoking breaks, more cleaning costs, greater property loss and burned furnishing damage, plus company-paid health insurance premiums were over $7,000 for each, compared to less than $2,000 for a nonsmoker.

The environment has a major effect on your health. Air quality that is poor can stress and hurt your lungs and respiratory system. I desk at, or computer workstation that is not properly and ergonomically designed can damage your musculoskeletal system.

The American company Disney discovered that their executives worked an average of 12 hours per day, plus an additional three evenings to entertain clients. This level of overtime work negatively affected both the executive’s health and their family life.

The greatest culprit for poor health resulting from work issues is sleep deprivation. Even minor sleep disruptions can cause bad moods, irritability, and slow responses. If left untreated these sleep disturbances can manifest into digestive issues and depression. Unfortunately, some people turn to alcohol or drugs to treat these problems which only create a greater set of troubles.

Focus on your good health habits for a great body and a great career