Why Do Adults Join Hook Up Sites?

There are a lot of dating sites on the internet and most of us are members of at least a few of them. They’re the most common form of dating and will continue to grow in popularity for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean that they’re the only game in town, though. Right next to dating sites in popularity are the hook up sites. They work much the same, but with one key difference. Where dating sites are for long term relationships, hook up sites are only there to get you laid. Here are some of the reasons that a person would join a hook up site.

Same Sex Experimentation

One of the biggest reasons for joining a hook up site is to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to sex. Millions of men and women fantasize about gay and lesbian sex. These men and women may not consider themselves to be homosexual, but they still want to try it out and see what it’s like. That’s when they turn to hook up sites. They can use their same sex desires on these sites while keeping their active dating profiles totally separate.

Cheating Spouses

Lots of people cheat. Lots and lots of people, actually. There comes a time in every relationship where you have to take a good, long look at the way things are going and ask yourself if you need a little something extra on the side. That’s when most people turn to hook up sites. These are confidential sites and they put both men and women at ease when they’re seeking a little infidelity. Luckily for them, there are plenty of people, both involved and single, who are willing to give them what they need. Once it’s all over, they can go right back to their relationships.


Another huge reason to use a hook up site is to experiment, or simply enjoy, kink. Any person with a fetish knows that it’s incredibly difficult to find someone who’s automatically into the same things that you are. That’s where these hook up sites come into play. You can explicitly look for what you need and advertise the things that you can do for someone else. You never have to worry about starting an actual relationship here. You just get together with someone, get that kinky sex that you absolutely need, and go your separate ways without ever having to look each other in the eyes again.  No dating at all!

Revenge Sex

Of course, no list on hook up sites would be complete without talking about revenge sex. If a man or a woman has found their partner to be cheating then they’re going to want to set things straight. That normally involves finding their own cheating partner to get exactly what the spouse got. Signing up for a hook up site is the easiest way to find someone to even the playing field for you. Nothing tells your partner that you caught them better than sending a picture of a stranger in your mouth.

Time Constraints

With there never being enough hours in the day to do everything that we want, sometimes an actual relationship is just off the table. Career and family have to come first and dating someone just can’t be fit into the equation. That doesn’t mean that you’re not interested in sex, though. Being able to find a hook up that only takes 30 minutes out of your day is just ideal for a whole lot of people. You can go right back to your duties after you blow off a little steam.

Just For Fun

Of course, the number one reason to joining a hook up site is just to have some fun. Life is way too short to always be worried about your future. Sometimes you just want to get out there and have a good time. There’s no better place to find that than on a hook up site. You can get together with someone and have a blast with no expectations of what’s to come next. That’s why so many people enjoy these sites and why they’re growing more and more in popularity with each passing day.